Pick & Place

Pick & Place

Promation offers a selection of pick & place solutions through either robotic or conventional means. With multiple robot brands, conventional gantry and high-speed options, Promation automated pick and place units can be customized to move any size of product for any type of manufacturing process.  Small footprint units, as well as large systems that serve multiple operations all, have their place in a production environment. Promation is completely vertically integrated so the whole process is designed specifically to the customer’s needs, manufactured with the highest quality components and installed by our experienced technicians to provide an industry-leading solution. Promation leverages decades of engineering experience to select the right concept for any challenge.


Promation provides pick and place units for all industries from automotive machine loading to end of line palletizing in the packaging space



  • Unique set of design
  • 24/7 productivity
  • Small space-saving robots
  • Integrated with different machines
  • Lower operation costs
  • Freeing up labour to do more important tasks


  • Small footprint
  • Reprogrammed quickly
  • High-speed and repeatability
  • Non-stop operation
  • Quick and frequent changeovers