Case Packing

Robotic or conventional case packing solutions are designed for speed, agility, flexibility and versatility, whether its robotic case packing or conventional packing – Promation is your one stop shop for custom solutions. Designed with your needs in mind, our complete range of robot loading arms and lightweight tools reduces labour & increases productivity. With our collective experience, we can handle your product better than anyone.

We can customize and create a robotic case packing system for you that fits into even the most limited of spaces. Our case packing systems are highly flexible and scalable.


  • Agility to facilitate multiple products
  • Customize packaging styles
  • Rapid and repeatable changeover
  • Integrate with existing packing systems
  • Exceed strict requirements for safety and sanitization
  • Reduce labour
  • Increase productivity


  • Full line of conventional or robotic top load
  • Side load intermittent motion case packers
  • Accommodate a wide range of products, case and tray types and sizes