Case Packing

Case Packing

From advanced robotic solutions to standard processes such as sealing, labelling, and wrapping, Promation has deployed a variety of robotic or conventional case packing solutions which are designed for high-speed, agility, flexibility and versatility.


As your one-stop shop for custom solutions, Promation provides a complete range of robot payloads and lightweight tools with the most current technology to pick and place your products regardless of size, height or feed rates.

We can customize and create a robotic case packing system for you that fits into even the most limited of spaces. Our case packing systems are highly flexible and scalable.

automated case packing


  • Agility to facilitate multiple products
  • Customize packaging styles
  • Rapid and repeatable changeover
  • Integrate with existing packing systems
  • Exceed strict requirements for safety and sanitization
  • Reduce labour
  • Increase productivity


  • Full line of conventional or robotic top load
  • Side load intermittent motion case packers
  • Accommodate a wide range of products, case and tray types and sizes