Assembly Systems

Assembly Systems

Promation Automotive has been supplying all types of automated assembly systems since it starts in 1995, in Canada.

The current industrial landscape demands all varieties of assembly concepts from stand-alone, operator enhanced automation to complete asynchronous assembly. Robot technology allows for flexible solutions to meet the demands of medium to high mix production volumes while dedicated automation can optimize the assembly process of a company’s high runner platform. Reliability and cost-effectiveness are essential to deliver the return on investment for assembly line production worldwide including high-speed machines and vision inspection systems

Promation deploys engineering and a deep understanding of your requirements to select the right options for you.

Automated assembly systems


  • Repeatable Assembly Process
  • Data Collection
  • Complex Fastening in Tight Spaces
  • Overlapping Cycle Times
  • Custom Design Process
  • Cycle Time Accuracy
  • Reduction of Ergonomic Stress


  • Pneumatic or DC electric fastening
  • Pick and Place Units
  • Dial Assembly Tables
  • Walking Beam Conveyors
  • Stand Alone Assembly Cells
  • Plastic Welding Applications
  • PLC/HMI Programming
  • Mig welding automation
  • Spot welding and Arc welding


  • Front and rear suspensions A
  • Automation Hinges, tailgates, oil pumps, spear recliners, and others
  • Spot welding
  • Assembly data collection