Waste & Process Systems - Promation
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Waste & Process Systems

Waste & Process Systems

Professional engineered waste and process systems including radioactive waste stream reduction capabilities


  • Engineer, Procurement and Construction of hot-test loop systems for testing Class 1 components of CANDU reactors
  • Engineers and technicians trained in ALARA and other Radioactive Waste Reduction programs.
  • Systems designed, built and programmed in our facilities in Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  • Partnership with Veolia, a full solution provider of robotic manipulators, access systems and tooling. Veolia have extensive experience in the remote deployment of technologies utilised in the decommissioning of Nuclear facilities globally


  • Design and fabrication in accordance with CSA B51-14 and ASME B31.1 2015 Edition, ASME B31.3 2015 Edition
  • TSSA Registration Experience
  • World class Quality Program Accreditations including: CSA N285.0 – CSA N286-05 – CSA B51 – CSA CAN3-Z299.1 – ISO 9001:2008

Previous Projects:

  • Design of mobile hydrostatic leak test fixture which is used to perform a post maintenance leak check on CIGAR modified closure plugs (MCPs) and head connector rods (HCR) assemblies
  • NRU Rod Bays Water Swap System
  • OPG IMS CIGAR Platform