Reactor & Custom Tooling - Promation
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Reactor & Custom Tooling

Reactor & Custom Tooling

Cost-effective solutions for all your nuclear challenges

Life expectancy now exceeds administrative limits, set for prior manufacturers’ tools

– Vinay Kirplaney (OPG)

Mileage with Promation SLAR tools is far exceeding past operational experience

– Ron Ammerman (BP)


  • All tooling design and development is performed in-house
  • Development of 3D CAD models and animated simulations
  • 3D Tooling software is used for stress analysis on the design before it goes to print
  • Prototype tool testing
  • Production tool manufacturing
  • Functional testing
  • Tool commissioning
  • Technical field support at site
  • Remote Handling and Inspection Tooling
  • Fuel Channel Replacement
  • Calandria Inspection Tooling
  • Fuel Handling Systems
  • Steam Generator Maintenance Tooling
  • System Assembly and Integration
  • Retube Tooling
  • SLAR equipment (Promation is a sole provider of SLAR tools to OPG &
  • Bruce Power since 2010 with over 20 tools successfully delivered.)
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Waste Handling Systems
  • Each tool is “proven” on a representative mock-up


  • Supplying tooling and site implementation services to the nuclear industry since 2005
  • Turnkey solutions through our innovative engineering, advanced manufacturing and superior customer support
  • Advanced technologies designed to support plant life management, extend plant design life, reduce maintenance costs and develop cost-effective solutions to existing challenges
  • A wide range of solutions including specialty equipment and automated tooling for reactor refurbishment
  • Tools requiring calibration and formal qualification such as rolled joint expander tools are strictly controlled under our Quality Assurance program

Previous Projects:

  • OPG Annulus Spacer Retrieval Tooling (ASRT)
  • OPG ANDE Wet Mock-Up Axial Drive
  • OPG Pickering 6 Hot Spot Recovery Tooling
  • OPG IMS CIGAR and ANDE Tooling & Tooling Improvements
  • OPG & Bruce SLAR Tooling
  • Bruce B Steam Generator Divider Plate Repair Tooling
  • AECL NRU Return to Service Tooling
  • Design and Manufacture for SNC-Lavalin Darlington Retube and Feeder Replacement (RFR)