Mockups - Promation
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Representative and multi-configurable mockups


  • The nuclear industry often requires realistic mock-ups of installed equipment to permit operations and trades training in realistic circumstances prior to field execution of a job
  • Promation has manufactured realistic steam generator mock ups to facilitate operator training on various steam generator related activities
  • Promation has also designed and manufactured Fuel Channel mockups for training and testing purposes


  • Design and supply of accurate mock-ups to reflect actual reactor conditions
  • Substantial experience in developing configurable mock-ups to reduce cost and work space requirements
  • Utilizing human factors experience all tooling produced by Promation is prototyped on in-house mock-up designs

Previous Projects:

  • Bruce Power SFCR Tool Improvements
  • Bruce Power DTRT Mock-ups
  • Bruce Power Steam Generator primary head mock-ups
  • KHNP Wolsong 1 Feeder Mock-up
  • ANDE Wet Mock-up Axial Drive