Automated Test Solutions | Promation Automotive
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Automated Test Solutions 

The requirements of the industry today are driving more reliance on all forms of testing and data collection. Promation’s Automotive division applies extensive engineering expertise and standardized assembly practices into the design and construction of Automated test solutions. Promation leverages methods of testing from multiple industries and testing devices to provide customers with the best possible insight into their manufacturing processes.

Either through a simple stand-alone vision station or a series of functional and non-destructive tests interlaced into an automated cell, Promation has the in-depth understanding of the best testing methods to give you the data you need to suit your customers’ requirements

automated testing application


  • Stand – Alone vision inspection
  • Vision system integration
  • Torque monitoring
  • Sound testing
  • Functional motor testing
  • Motor current testing
  • Data collection & Communication


  • Real-time quality data
  • Improve manufacturing process
  • Reduced scrap production
  • Improved quality to customer
  • Historical data tracking


  • Position sensor test
  • Load cell testing
  • Manual seats multiple effort test systems
  • Side shield screw presence
  • Side airbag resistance
  • Manual track effort
  • Full function test 8,12 way
  • Seat belt continuity
  • Vibration measurement
  • Presence of fasteners