Material Handling

Material Handling

Promation has leveraged 20+ years of experience in the automotive & industrial sectors transferring material from the start of the product’s lifecycle all the way to deployment to the consumer.

We use standard conveyors with enhancements. Promation Automotive can design and build systems meeting automotive assembly plants and tier one suppliers’ specific and rigorous requirements.

No matter the industry, material handling is a core component of any manufacturing process. Promation offers the benefits of high-quality robotic solutions such as automated welding machines, conveyors, lift assists, balancers and carries to deliver flawless conveyance, safety, and ergonomics for your parts transfer operations. The mechanical means by which material is transferred while important is driven by the information that is available. Today’s factories are all working towards more autonomy, more efficiency.


We can customize any automated material handling equipment and systems for your unique material handling applications.

automated material handling(AGV)


  • Optimized material flow
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Repeatable part presentation
  • Predictive process operations
  • Improve cycle times
  • Custom solution
  • Modular products


  • AGVs – Autonomous guided vehicles
  • SGVs – Self-guided vehicles
  • ASRs – Automated storage & retrieval system
  • Part transfer conveyor
  • Vertical lift elevators
  • Conveyor automation & escapements
  • Operator lift assists
  • Gentry part transfer
  • Modular conveyor belt systems
  • Machine tending


  • Suspension Components
  • Struts
  • Batteries
  • IP Panels
  • Automotive Glass
  • Bumper reinforcement
  • HVAC Components