Reactor Tooling

Reactor tooling used for maintaining CANDU reactors is designed to operate remotely in hostile and difficult to access environments. Each tool must be designed and tested in accordance with rigorous customer and nuclear industry standards. Promation Nuclear has worked closely with CANDU clients to consistently produce high quality reliable tools that often exceed requirements and minimize costly reactor downtime.


CANDU Tools produced by Promation include:

SLAR Tools

Spacers located between CANDU reactor pressure tubes and calandria tubes may move over time. The Spacer Location and Repositioning tools (SLAR) are required to work inside flooded fuel channels deep inside the reactor core to both locate and reposition the spacers. Promation’s, in-house manufactured, SLAR tools are typically used on the outage critical path and are proven as highly effective and reliable.

Refurbishment Tooling

CANDU reactors employ hundreds of fuel channels that slowly degrade over time and have to be replaced. CANDU Reactor Refurbishment typically involves the complete replacement of reactor core components (i.e. “Retube and Feeder Replacement” Projects). Promation’s highly experienced teams are skilled in designing, developing and supporting the field use of tooling for reactor refurbishment projects.

Single Fuel Channel Replacement (SFCR) Tooling

CANDU reactors may require replacement of single fuel channels due to premature failure or more likely for surveillance purposes. Promation Nuclear is at the forefront of tool development and field execution of Single Fuel Channel Replacement Tooling. Promation provides a full suite of CANDU SFCR tools as well as comprehensive field support during their deployment at nuclear sites. Promation’s innovations such as improved bellows cutting and heat ring removal have contributed positively to the most recent fuel channel replacements.

Custom Tooling

Promation Nuclear delivers sturdy and reliable custom robotic systems designed for harsh nuclear environments. Our robotic solutions address specialized material handling, reactor assembly, maintenance or repair operations, specialized machining, welding and inspection operations under conditions that are unsafe for people to perform. Our robots can be complemented by specialized technologies such as laser measurement, vision system, vibration system and others depending on your needs.

Promation Nuclear has designed, built and tested custom tooling to remotely perform radiation “hot-spot” remediation by removing cladding, cutting sections of pipe and transporting contaminated items to waste containers. Tooling has also been designed, built and tested to remotely perform weld site cleaning, welding system delivery, welding and subsequent non-destructive examination.

Promation Nuclear’s demonstrated capabilities in robotics and custom tooling design allows the company to provide unique solutions to unique problems encountered in nuclear environments.

Steam Generator Tooling

Reactor steam generators require surveillance and maintenance during their operational lives. Promation’s staff have exstensive experience in steam generator (SG) maintenance such as primary side cleaning and remote tooling. Promation’s engineers have developed and supplied a complete suite of tooling, mock-ups and comprehensive training for SG divider plate repair. Promation delivers Steam Generator Tooling projects with novel designs to ensure ease of operation, minimizing personnel exposure and outage critical path durations.