Promation Nuclear supplies mock-ups used for tool development, procedure development, tool proving and testing as well as for training and qualification of personnel. They are crucial for reducing the risks associated with using first-of-a-kind tooling on a nuclear reactor. Our mock-ups are designed and fabricated to provide fidelity with the reactor components being worked on or replaced. They are typically utilized at all stages of a tooling project, from tool development to full dress rehearsals in order to derive maximum benefits from them.


Mock-ups developed and supplied by Promation Nuclear include:

  • reactor fuel channels,
  • feeders,
  • headers,
  • steam generator primary heads, and
  • other reactor unit components as required by our customers.

Alternatives to Physical Mock-ups:

Laser Scans

As it is not practicable to fabricate mock-ups of the entire reactor units, laser scans of the station can serve many of the same purposes. Laser scans can be used to create 3D models of the current as-found condition of the environment. These models can then be used to verify clearances for tool and quipment location and movement and to train personnel. Metrological data from laser scans is also used to ensure that large scale mock-ups are constructed to accurately represent “as-found”, as opposed to as-designed or as originally-built, conditions.

3D Models and Simulations

Computer-based 3D models and simulations supplement the use of mock-ups for training by providing overviews of tool operation in context of the overall environment as well as sectional views of the tooling internals operating. Both of these facets of tool operation help provide the tool operator-in-training with a better understanding of tool function. This is particularly useful in troubleshooting situations.

Training Simulators

As a complement to mock-ups, training simulators are invaluable in cases where the tool is not available or for supplementary training. Promation Nuclear designed and built training simulators for the Wolsong 1 Retubing Project.