CustomĀ  Manufacturing

Promation Nuclear has the capability to manufacture nuclear systems of high technological complexity. We have experience using exotic materials requiring strict machining processes, winding special electrical coils including potting, eddy current sensing systems, hydraulic actuation systems, complex mechanical precision assemblies, electrical wiring and cabling. All custom systems manufactured by Promation Nuclear go through rigorous multistage testing and work reliably in harsh conditions of elevated radiation, pressure, and temperature typically found in nuclear applications. Nuclear engineering and manufacturing work very closely with our quality assurance team to ensure full compliance to nuclear requirements.

CT-Liner-Waster-Flask Container-web

Custom manufactured products supplied by Promation Nuclear include:

  • in reactor components,
  • build to print complex reactor tooling,
  • build transporters,
  • structural frames,
  • lifting devices,
  • nuclear shipping flasks,
  • nuclear waste containers and flasks,
  • type A shipping container,
  • machine platforms,
  • process equipment and piping systems, as well as
  • other specialized custom manufacturing products.