Delivering Quality

World-Class Nuclear Certification

The nuclear industry demands precision and craftsmanship that surpasses that of conventional manufacturing and tooling environments. Promation’s Nuclear division has the capacity and commitment to excellence required for the design and manufacturing of nuclear components and tooling and to ensure compliance with national and international nuclear industry standards. Promation offers complete turnkey solutions through its innovative use of engineering expertise, advanced manufacturing and superior customer service. Promation has developed a wide range of applications, including custom tooling systems, specialized robotics systems for “hot” nuclear environments, mock-ups for tooling development and training, and tool delivery platforms.


Promation Nuclear has developed leading edge nuclear technology for CANDU customers over the past decade. Promation’s engineering and advanced technologies are designed to support plant life management, extend plant design life, reduce maintenance costs and develop cost-effective solutions to existing challenges.

Promation Nuclear’s strengths are its engineering applications and development capabilities. Cost effective solutions to nuclear problems are developed quickly by applying the skills of an experienced team of engineers coupled with practical development facilities. The Nuclear division staff has collectively more than 400 years of engineering experience in nuclear field delivering inspection and maintenance services, provision of specialized nuclear tooling and managing a range of nuclear projects. The division has been named for several customer awards for its performance in outage nuclear projects.

Nuclear Division Products:

  • Remote Handling and Inspection Tooling
  • Fuel Channel Replacement Tooling
  • Steam Generator Maintenance Tooling
  • Reactor Components
  • Fuel Handling Systems
  • Mock-ups and Test Rigs
  • Waste Management and Process Equipment
  • Shipping Flasks and Waste Containers
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Custom Tooling and Robotic Solutions to Unique Problems

Nuclear Services:

  • Engineering, Design and Project Management
  • Development and Testing
  • Manufacturing of components and complex multifunctional systems
  • System Assembly, Integration and Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Field execution support


Promation Nuclear conforms to a well-established quality management program.