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Manufacturing Operations

Quality, Delivery & Performance

Proven Manufacturing capabilities are the result of the company’s evolution by responding to market demanding quality, delivery and performance.  Promation’s  Manufacturing and Engineering departments work hand in hand to; deliver prototypes, short to medium runs of highly complex made to order systems and, supply unique parts for our own developed systems.

Promation is well positioned to handle a variety of complex machining and fabrication.  With some of the latest in manufacturing equipment, coupled with its skilled and experienced personnel, Promation will get the job done right and on-time.  Supported by its team of professional engineers employing the sophistication of the latest in AutoCad, SolidWorks and 3D Modeling, Promation can ensure the completeness of design and manufacturing.

  • Manufacturing Technologists – lead successful projects from initial drawings received to final completion on the shop floor.
  • Procurement Department – has support of a well organized chain of 400 suppliers.
  • Welding Department – MIG, TIG carbon steel, aluminum, selected alloys.
  • CNC and Conventional Machining Department – suitable for prototyping, along with short and medium part runs.
  • Assembly Department – where Promation’s world class electrical wiring of panels, and the mechanical assembly of devices are completed.
  • Testing Department – with technicians being capable of both electrical and mechanical measurements and function tests.
  • Manufacturing  Department – designated specialty areas such as:
    • Over Head Crane
    • Clean Room
    • Quality Room
    • QA Quarantine Room


Turning (CNC and Conventional)

Capable of turning small to large parts up to 28” x 117”.

Milling (CNC and Conventional)

Including Boring mills, small parts to a maximum 24” x 73”.

Water Jet Cutting

Maximum cutting capacity for: Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel – 53” x 98” x 4” , Aluminum – 53” x 98” x 4” , and Plastics – 53” x 98” x 6” .

Welding and Fabricating

CWB and ASME, Certified in aluminum, carbon steel, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Overhead crane with 10 Tons lifting capacity.

Promation operates to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008 and TSSA. Supported by a team of certified quality inspectors, we provide accurate results for your required tolerances.

Promation would be pleased to quote on your parts and/or system requirements.