01 Feb 2006
HMCS Athabaskan

Photoex: Aerial Imagery of  Standing NATO Maritime Group 1. Flag Ship HMCS Athabaskan, USS Simpson, ORP General Kazimerz Pulaski, NRP Vasco da Gama, FGS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. 
HMCS Athabaskan, commanded by Captain (Navy) Dave Gardam, is deployed with the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG 1), a squadron consisting of destroyers and frigates from the alliance nations.  Canadian Commodore Denis Rouleau took command of the SNMG 1 on Jan 26.  HMCS Athabaskan is Commodore Rouleau 's flagship for SNMG1 - one of four standing elements of NATO Response Force Rotation 7 (NRF 7). 

HMCS Athabaskan carries a crew of about 300 all ranks, including flight crew and maintenance technicians.

Photographer: MCpl Charles Barber, Staff Photographer SNMG1 (NATO) 
Le 1er fÈvrier 2006
NCSM Athabaskan

LÈgende : Vue aÈrienne du 1er Groupe de la Force navale permanente de rÈaction de líOTAN : le NCSM Athabaskan, navire amiral, líUSS Simpson, líORP General Kazimerz Pulaski, le NRP Vasco da Gama et le FGS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. 

Photographe : Cplc Charles Barber, photographe attitrÈ du SNMG 1 (OTAN)

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Organization Profile

PROMATION Defence is a leading Canadian design, engineering and manufacturer of high-quality tooling, automation and robotic systems. We provide custom solutions through innovative engineering, advanced manufacturing of complex tools, and systems and reliability. Like all our divisions, PROMATION Defence works on projects where there is no compromise on precision, quality, performance and safety.

The company has excellent IRB/ITB credentials which support Value Proposition requirements; We are 100% Canadian-owned, have Controlled Goods Certification, are a designated Canadian government Southern Ontario SME, typically have high Canadian content, are financially successful and stable, and own all our equipment and buildings. In addition, PROMATION Defence has research projects and relationships with leading Canadian universities and Canadian government research organizations.

PROMATION Defence’s core competency is to design, engineer and manufacture complex, precision components, and build / assemble / commission those components into sub-assemblies or finished units, meeting the quality and performance criteria described in Key Industrial Capabilities below.

Key Industrial Capabilities

PROMATION Defence’s Key Industrial Capabilities include R&D, engineering, testing, assembly and process development for all of the six identified Key Industrial Capabilities such as Arctic and Maritime Security, Soldier Systems, C3I (Command and Support ), Training Systems and In-Service Support of various systems.

The company’s team includes personnel with professional accreditation’s in: electrical and electronic design, mechanical design, process control, automation, robotics, tool and die manufacturing, lean manufacturing, and program management.

With this strong team to draw on, PROMATION excels in managing a diverse range of programs including:

  • Mechanical Machine & Elements Design

  • Electrical Design of Control & Power Systems

  • Nuclear Specific Engineering

  • Stress Analysis

  • Process Engineering; Hydraulics & Pneumatics

  • Foreign Material Exclusion

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