01 Feb 2006
HMCS Athabaskan

Photoex: Aerial Imagery of  Standing NATO Maritime Group 1. Flag Ship HMCS Athabaskan, USS Simpson, ORP General Kazimerz Pulaski, NRP Vasco da Gama, FGS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. 
HMCS Athabaskan, commanded by Captain (Navy) Dave Gardam, is deployed with the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG 1), a squadron consisting of destroyers and frigates from the alliance nations.  Canadian Commodore Denis Rouleau took command of the SNMG 1 on Jan 26.  HMCS Athabaskan is Commodore Rouleau 's flagship for SNMG1 - one of four standing elements of NATO Response Force Rotation 7 (NRF 7). 

HMCS Athabaskan carries a crew of about 300 all ranks, including flight crew and maintenance technicians.

Photographer: MCpl Charles Barber, Staff Photographer SNMG1 (NATO) 
Le 1er fÈvrier 2006
NCSM Athabaskan

LÈgende : Vue aÈrienne du 1er Groupe de la Force navale permanente de rÈaction de líOTAN : le NCSM Athabaskan, navire amiral, líUSS Simpson, líORP General Kazimerz Pulaski, le NRP Vasco da Gama et le FGS Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. 

Photographe : Cplc Charles Barber, photographe attitrÈ du SNMG 1 (OTAN)

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