Material Handling

Promation’s Automotive division excels at developing special purpose and highly customized material handling equipment, and lift assists with balancing systems. Promation develops a wide range of applications for parts and assemblies such as tires, front suspension, rear suspension, struts, car seats, radiators, battery, IP panels, automotive glass, bumper reinforcement, HVAC components, interior trim components, automotive cables, and many others.

Promation uses standard conveyors with enhancements. The division can design and build systems meeting automotive assembly plants and tier one suppliers’ specific and rigorous requirements. Promation conveyors, lift assists, balancers and carriers deliver flawless conveyance, safety and ergonomics for your parts transfer operations.

Material Handeling3

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Promation’s Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems consist of multiple vehicles that navigate along pre-defined guide paths to provide safe movement of loads.

At Promation, we apply our engineering expertise and standardized assembly practices into the development and integration of our AGV systems. Our AGVs will lift, rotate and retrieve yours goods from storage systems and deliver them precisely onto material conveyor systems, etc. Your products are handled without human intervention; from beginning to end, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The standard load capacity is up to 2,000 kgs.

Promation has developed partnerships with some of today’s leading AGV drive manufacturers.  We use proven AGV technology along with global suppliers to integrate our AGVs into complete working systems. Supported in-house suited to your needs, we can integrate custom attachments including scissor lifts and part conveyances, etc. into custom designed AVGs or supply off-the-shelf varieties for all of your transportation needs.